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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

While Care Packages are designed intentionally to be a surprise, each box is filled with at least four amazing, full-sized items from the best emerging brands and up-and-coming designers, not a bunch of cheap mass-manufactured stuff! Expect a highly curated box each season with everything from items for the home and candles to accessories and leather goods, stationery and wellness products to grooming — though every box has one thing in common: an up-and-coming artisanal brand with something delicious!

Each box has a value of at least $150 and are sold individually for that price, which means our subscription options give you amazing savings and value. If you're a Subscriber you'll get an Appreciation Gift that Sonja Rasula designed in their third box valued at $40!

Can I choose the items in my box?

Good question! No, we intentionally don't offer customization, ensuring your unboxing experience is filled with joy and discovery. Where would the fun be in getting a care package if there was no surprise, no sense of delight and rush of excitement when tearing open the box? Don’t get us wrong we love choice, but when it comes to Care Package, you can trust that a lot of thought, passion, and care went into curating the items inside each box.  

Not only does our founder Sonja spend countless hours with each brand and designer going over samples, flavors, scents, patterns, etc., but she often helps the small businesses plan to manufacture in larger quantities and exclusive limited-edition drops just for our boxes!

Can I buy just one box?

Yes! You can purchase and/or gift as many single boxes as you'd like, each box is $150 USD. The boxes will be listed here. Currently the system automatically sets the entire order to ship to one address, so if your order includes gifts for multiple destinations, you'll have to place an order for each address separately. We're sorry about this and are working to find a better solution!

How does my subscription help small businesses?

Have you ever heard the saying, "Small businesses are the backbone of our economy"? They are! In fact, we are responsible for 64% of the jobs created in the US! When you subscribe you are choosing to directly support and discover amazing small businesses, instead of corporate giants, which helps to create local job growth and stimulate the entire economy. 

The biggest challenge for small businesses is advertising and marketing because most have little-to-no-money budgeted for this - and unlike large corporations, they don't have enough cash flow and/or access to capital. So they serve current customers and hope that more discover them. That equation doesn't allow for growth! Your subscription directly impacts the businesses inside each box, because not only are we ordering a large amount of products from them but we are marketing and vouching for them. The best thing for a brand is to get their products directly into the hands and homes of potential new customers - in other words, hopefully convert people into loyal fans and customers without having to pay costly acquisition fees that come with advertising, marketing and PR!

Also, when you talk about them to friends and family, follow them on social media or actually post/story about their product and company, they are getting priceless marketing and PR value! The best way to find new customers and grow business comes from genuine word-of-mouth marketing, so if you love them, spread the word! 


What’s the difference between the types of subscriptions?

All subscriptions support small businesses for one year, for a total of four boxes. By committing to a subscription you're saving money, getting great value and triple the good karma! Opting to pay quarterly means you’ll pay $140.00 for each box (billed every three months) for a total savings of $40 over the year, while opting to pay the one-time fee of $500 means you're saving $100 over the year, paying just $125 for each box! 


Any other perks that come with being a subscriber?

Yes, we love big perks and we cannot lie!

  • Get access to our subscriber-only, bi-annual Blowout Sales online, where products will be discounted from 50-75% off!
  • Subscribers get a special Appreciation Gift in their third box
  • Get exclusive discounts from our featured small businesses, plus our partners and friends.
  • Be the trendsetter and style guru in your group of friends, able to suggest and share the best emerging brands before they become huge!


What’s your cancellation policy?

Please note that all Care Package purchases are final and nonrefundable. Purchasing a subscription, either paying annually or quarterly, results in a one-year commitment (four boxes). You can cancel a subscription(s) at any time before your next renewal date. By canceling your subscription with Care Package you are preventing it from renewing on its next renewal date — this process does not automatically issue a refund and you will still receive any seasonal boxes remaining under your subscription term (whether you are a Quarterly or Annual Subscriber) prior to its next renewal date. 

A cancellation part-way through a subscription does not trigger a refund for the remaining boxes left in their annual term prior to renewal. You can read our full terms here.

If you are unsure when your next renewal date is, please send an email to and we will look into this and get back to you!

Can mindful, micro movements like #shopsmall make massive change?

ABSOLUTELY! By taking part in conscious consumerism, shopping small, and getting more from buying less, you are reducing your footprint, putting more money back into our local economy, helping to create jobs and soooo much more! That’s pretty BIG stuff in our opinion.


Do you really feature 75% minority-owned businesses?

Yep, and proud of it! We believe in being the change we want to see in the world, so are focusing on curating amazing minority-owned businesses, who have systemically been excluded for so long. Each box comes with a mini magazine that shares the stories of the featured brands, including call-out icons that showcase various aspects of the business, including BIPOC-owned, woman-owned, LGBTQI+owned.