Good Vibes

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Perfect for any occasion, or none at all, this box brings good vibes to everyone!

  • 1 Swell candle by P.F. Candle Co featuring bright notes of black currant, tuberose, and sea moss. Both the scent and the cool design on the vessel is inspired by the California coast, and the vessel can be reused to hold pencils or cotton balls or even table salt!
  • 1 Selenite crystal tower, the ultimate energy tool to help clear dense, dark and stagnant energy. Selenite helps to cleanse, purify and uplift the energy in a home, plus everyone and everything in it. 
  • 1 Manifest & Release kit by Adelfi, which includes two gold embossed notebooks and a golden pen. You write down everything you need to release that no longer serves you in one notebook, and then manifest your true potential in the other - both feature lined pages that tear-out.
  • Bundle of Palo Santo sticks (Similar to Sage, Palo Santo sticks are burned so the smoke can clear negative energy in a home and bring tranquil, healing and creative energy instead.)
  • A handwritten card, add text to the "notes" section during checkout
  • Sent in our signature sage green box