Top 3 Reasons to Be a Conscious Consumer

By Cat Iannucci

Don’t put anything in your cart (virtually or IRL) if you wouldn’t be proud to know who makes it, what it’s made with, or how it’s made.

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has brought us many things that we were not expecting, some good, some bad, but here at Care Package, we’re choosing to hold on tight to the silver lining. And one great thing that this year has brought us is more conversation around conscious consumerism and the might of spending power. From the pandemic fallout opening a floodgate of conversation about supporting small businesses; to the Black Lives Matter movement schooling us all about why buying from Black-owned businesses is vital. Care Package is on a mission to give a megaphone to these important conversations that link social responsibility with consumerism. Just one of the many reasons we’ve chosen to pledge 75% of our package space to minority-owned businesses. There are many benefits to being a more responsible consumer, but here are some of our favorites. 

#1 Peek Behind the Brand
Many smaller, more responsible brands emphasize their leadership team because they are the people whose passion made your product purchase possible. As a patron of these types of businesses, you have an opportunity to know who is behind the product and what their values are. Which then allows you to ensure that they align with your own. 

#2 Take Care of Your Mother
Mother Earth that is. By purchasing from brands owned and operated in the United States you're reducing the environmental impact of shipping. The shorter the distance between where your product is made and you, the fewer fossil fuels are being emitted into the atmosphere from plane, train, and truck travel. 

#3 Slow Down Fast Fashion
Fast fashion, naturally, applies strictly to clothing and accessories, but the concept of cheap, disposable products extends far beyond fashion. There’s low quality, irresponsibly produced food, home decor, and pretty much anything else you can think of. But the impacts of these fast products are enduring. The waste created each year by fast fashion is hard to believe — globally, we create about 13 million tons of textile waste annually. Not to mention the poor business practices that these types of operations breed; underpaid labor, irresponsibly sourced materials, and more. If you pay a bit more to buy from an ethical brand it will do worlds of good for you and others.